About Me

My name is Chris Bass and I have been developing websites since 2008, and Kentico websites since 2013. I'm a Senior Web Developer at Wakefly, a web development and online marketing agency in New England. Here at Wakefly, I advise clients and the development team on Kentico processes and tools, guide internal training and lead the architecture and development of Kentico websites for our clients.

The main thing I like about working in Kentico is the flexibility it has to solve most simple tasks using only the built-in Portal Engine, while also providing strong hooks to extend the functionality when you've got a need for specific, custom coding. 

When not working on turning clients' visions into reality, I play board games and video games and spend time with my dog Elvis. 

If you have questions about Kentico or are interested in working on a project with me and my team at Wakefly, you can get in touch here.