Kentico's Redesigned Marketplace

Posted: 8/30/2019 9:36:29 AM by Chris Bass | with 0 comments
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When it comes to Kentico MVC's Page Builder functionality, the initial selection of MVC widgets and form controls included in the site, are fairly slim. This is great for keeping unneeded bloat out of your site, but when it comes time to build things, it was in need of a place to find reusable advanced components.

Kentico's prior Marketplace was built around zip files - You wanted a component, you had to download it and open it to see if it had the code you wanted. Since the documentation was usually included in the zip as well, you couldn't even preview that unless it was linked in the description.

Well, I'm happy to say that Kentico has just released their new Marketplace: and they've completely shifted the model. Instead of guessing at which components do what you need, the Marketplace does everything now directly through GitHub - so you can:

  • View the source code
  • See documentation directly on the page, without having to download or unpack anything
  • Clone the repo and build your own version
  • Communicate issues with it directly with the creator through Github Issues
And as a creator, there are many benefits too  - You can update the code directly in GitHub, without having to re-package the component, and see how many people are watching / favoriting / forking your project.

If you want to submit a new component, the documentation is more clear on the process now, as well:

They're just starting up, so there are only a few components live at the moment, but I'm looking forward to seeing what people add. 

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